Monday, March 24, 2014

Ear Candy Spotlight: Mono Bagends (March Feature)

Mono Bagends is BACK and blazing up the internet with a hot and sexy new single titled "Get Sexy For Me" and it is certainly Ear Candy!  Mono Bagends stops by and talks to us about his new single and more!

Dimez on Deck:  What has Mono Bagends been up to sense the last time we've checked with you?
Mono Bagends:  Been grinding and trying to figure out my life.

Dimez on Deck:  You have a new single out called "Get Sexy For Me" and it certainly is "ear candy", how would you describe this single for our viewers?
Mono Bagends:  Its a sexy type of R&B/rap record. Very good for radio and good to get intimate with.

Dimez on Deck:  Where can listeners hear this single?
Mono Bagends:  On my website , reverbnation and it will be up on itunes shortly.

Dimez on Deck:  What does a woman have to do to "Get Sexy For You"?
Mono Bagends:  She needs to interest me mentally. I get turned on by the way someone flirts...I am extremely quick thinking so I like someone who can go up and back with me.

Dimez on Deck:  What is sexy to you?
Mono Bagends: like someone who is secure in themselves.  I love women who aren't afraid to act silly and be themselves.

Dimez on Deck:  Who are some women that you find sexy in 2014?
Mono Bagends:  I have been so busy this year I really haven't had time to check out anyone. I can't really think of any celebrities that I find attractive right now.

Dimez on Deck:  What's next for Mono Bagends?
Mono Bagends:  Going to keep releasing new music, live day by day and see what happens.

Listen to more music from Mono Bagends at 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ear Candy: Interview with Rising Hip Hop artist Coach Real

Dimez on Deck talks with rising New York based recording artist Coach Real.  Also take a listen to this Ear Candy by Coach Real

Dimez on Deck:  How has everything been for you this year so far Coach Real?
Coach Real:  Everything is going very well its going to be a very productive year for my company.

Dimez on Deck:  For those that haven't heard you, how would you sum up your music and your style?
Coach Real:  I would say I make real life music for your everyday person and people say I remind them of Big Pun and Jay-Z.

Dimez on Deck:  In your own words, how would you describe a "dime"?
Coach Real:  To me a dime is a "Determined Intelligent Moral Extremely beautiful" woman that's my break down of a dime.

Dimez on Deck:  What is sexy to you?  What are some things that you find attractive?
Coach Real:  Confidence is very important.  I like a women that knows her ability that's sexy.  I find intelligent women very sexy, I like a women that can teach me things and expand my mind more.  A business minded women is very sexy..... we can make money and history together.  A sexually aggressive women is extremely sexy nothing better than a women that can grab you up and take charge.  I'm '6'6 so I need that.  Tattoos are sexy on a woman just not too many and in certain places.  I think it's sexy when a woman has good conversation and a sense of humor, nothing better than having someone to laugh with and I think a woman that has good fashion sense and can dress with the heels and dresses and can also throw a pair of j's or timbs on and still look sexy.

Dimez on Deck:  Who are some women you find attractive in entertainment and music right now?
Coach Real:  Let's see Lauren London, Daniella Alonso, Jamie Chung, Eva Mendes, Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldana, Sarah Shahi, Kaley Cuoco, Hale Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Barbara Mori, Roselyn Sanchez, Paz Vega, Alicia keys, Gabrielle Union, Paula Patton, Summer Walker, Noemie Lenoir, Meagan Good, Tatyana Ali, Esther Baxter, Keri Hilson, Amell Santana, Alisa Reyes, Ada cruz, Larimar Fiallo, Scarlet Reyn, Sulekia, Tahiry Jose, Rosa Acosta... that's who I could think of off the top of my head (lol).
Lauren London

Dimez on Deck:  Who were some of your crushes growing up?
Coach Real:  Stacy Dash those eyes and the body to go with it yeah I been diggin Stacy since the Mo Money movie with Damon Wayans.

Dimez on Deck:  What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Coach Real:  Work on my debut album should be dropping this summer and I'm writing all the video treatments for every single then the Gorilla Gang EP for the spring.  We're working on the Coach Real movie right now so look out for that next year.  I also started working on a book so that will be out hopefully by the fall and I'm working on a Women's shoe line as well and one of my biggest goals is to expand my team and roster I'm looking for artist to put down on my label and I am in search of a female rapper to put as first lady of the team so I got a lot going on and more to come it will be a very successful year for my company that I promise you. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ear Candy Spotlight: Some Kosher Yuppy (South Coast Records)

Take a look at our one on one Dimez on Deck interview with rising indie hip hop recording artist Some Kosher Yuppy (South Coast Records)!  

Dimez On Deck:  How has your fall been this year Some Kosher Yuppy?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Its been productive.  Recording new music for this " No Days Off " Project...

Dimez On Deck:  Could you explain to our viewers why you call yourself Some Kosher Yuppy?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  It defines me as an artist/Individual… I'm young & authentic living an ambitious Lifestyle…

Dimez On Deck:  How would you describe a "Dime"?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  When she's highly attractive on all levels… The ones that naturally carry themselves like 10's…

Dimez On Deck:  In your opinion, who would you say are some of the most attractive women in Entertainment and music right now?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  I would say women like Rihanna, Meagan Good, Lauren London…
Rihanna in the water.

Meagan Good is "All Good"

Lauren London looking nice as usual in this picture.

Dimez On Deck:  Who were some of your crushes in Entertainment and Music growing up?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  JLo, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendez, Beyonce...
Eve Mendez looking quite peachy in this picture.

Dimez On Deck:  What is something that you find attractive?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Confidence is something I find attractive in females...

Dimez On Deck:  You have a hot new single and music video out right now called "In Due Time" could you tell the viewers a little something about this single?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Yea, "In Due Time" is a record that I feel everyone can relate too no matter the situation… The production automatically grabs your attention and puts you in a certain vibe, then the vocals & content compliment it all… The Visual is real 1 on 1 and laid back… Its a real positive & honest song…

Dimez On Deck:  Are there any links you would like to plug?
Anything and everything regarding Yuppy & SouthCoastRecords can be found on &

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ear Candy Spotlight: Arlis Michaels

Take a look at our one on one interview with rising hip hop star Arlis Michaels!  Arlis Michaels talks to us about his music, and his favorite "dimez"!  

Dimez on Deck:  How are you doing Arlis?
Arlis Michaels:  I'm doing great

Dimez on Deck: What are 3 words you would use to describe your latest project, Don't Watch Me, Watch Your Motherfucking Kids?
Arlis Michaels:  Dope as s**t.

Dimez on Deck:  In your opinion... what makes a woman a "dime"?
Arlis Michaels:  A woman wit a head on her shoulders

Dimez on Deck: What is "sexy" to you?
Arlis Michaels:  My new Cherry Red Drop Top SL Benz

Dimez on Deck: Who are some of the women in entertainment you find attractive right now?
Arlis Michaels:  Nicki Minaj, Paula Patton, Teyana Taylor.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor

Nicki Minaj

Paula Patton

Dimez on Deck: Who were some of your crushes growing up?
Arlis Michaels:  Angela Basset, Halle Berry

Dimez on Deck:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  
Arlis Michaels:  Shoutout to my whole NBH Team

Get more information on this artist at

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dimez on Deck Ear Candy Video Spotlight: Shif-T "Rappa Slash Rocka" (ACM Records Exclusive)

Check out "Rappa Slash Rocka" the official music video starring ACM Recording artist and "Dimez on Deck" Ear Candy featured artist Shif-T by clicking the embedded youtube video below.

Also take a behind the scenes look at the video as Shif-T and her entourage gets all dolled up on the set of her video. You can see all that by clicking the Youtube Video below.

Get more updates on Shif-T by going to the official ACM Records Promo blog here at this link.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dimez Spotlight: Shawna Michelle (Part Two)

This week's Dimez on Deck photo spotlight is Part Two of former video model and Southern Belle,Shawna Michelle

Before you take a look at the Shawna Michelle's sexy photos in this collection.... take a listen to the hot new single from ATL based rapper/ songwriter/ producer Mr. Boom Boom Bang titled "Good Ones" by clicking the embedded youtube video here....

Now.... check out these hot steamy photos starring the one and only... Shawna Michelle.

Shawna Michelle has a nice, clean room.

Shawna Michelle looking sexy in your Grandma's lingire.

Shawna Michelle's booty looking great in a pair of Marvel Super Hero pants.

Shawna Michelle is kinda looking like a sexy version of comedian Maya Rudolph in this photo.

Shawna Michelle having fun with the camera phone.

That green Vortex bike is hot, and Shawna Michelle is in this photo too.

Shawna Michelle's before and after pictures......... taken about 5 minutes apart from each other.

I hope this is Shawna Michelle's big phat booty, because we'd hate to give someone else the credit.

Shawna Michelle doesn't do nude or pornographic photos, but we all hope this movie is a flick.

More images of the beautiful 
Shawna Michelle coming soon!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dimez Spotlight: Shawna Michelle (Part One)

Today's Dimez on Deck photo spotlight is on former video model and Southern Belle, Shawna Michelle!

Before you do.... take a listen to the hot new single from ATL based rapper/ songwriter/ producer Mr. Boom Boom Bang titled "Good Ones" by clicking the embedded youtube video here

Now check out these hot photos starring the one and only Shawna Michelle!

Shawna Michelle looking good enough to eat (food off of)!

Shawna Michelle looking sexy on the bed with her matching undergarments.

Shawna Michelle looking great from head to legs!

Shawna Michelle getting that green in ATL, wearing that green dress!  Mr. Boom Boom Bang is also getting that green in ATL!  Check out his music at

Shawna Michelle holding on!

Shawna Michelle still getting green in her green dress.

Shawna Michelle holding up a fan sign!

Shawna Michelle sucking and licking...... on a lolly pop.

Shawna Michelle looking back, and we are looking forward at Shawna Michelle's back!

Shawna Michelle looking back again!

More images of the beautiful 
Shawna Michelle coming soon!!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dimez Spotlight: Khrysti Hill

This edition of Dimez on Deck is dedicated to model Khrysti Hill

Take a look at some of her sexy photos below.  Post comments.


Khrysti Hill washing herself and her clothes!

Khrysti Hill looking good on that white background.

Look at Khrysti Hill on your Cell Phone.

Khrysti Hill looks annoying in this picture, but you would still tap that.


Khrysti Hill is sexy from head to heels!

 Khrysti Hill even makes office supplies look sexy.

I'm just as surprised as you are.

I want to taste Khrysti Hill more than those Candy Bars.

Khrysti Hill is Soft and beautiful.

Khrysti Hill looks sexy even when she's wearing yarn hammock from some guy's backyard.

Listen to the new single from Hip Hop recording
artist Rhyme Scheme titled "Four Letters".

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Interview with Rhyme Scheme

We recently got in touch with rising indie California based hip hop recording artist Rhyme Scheme to talk about his new Ear Candy single "Four Letters" produced by KZR Beatz, who his favorite "Dimez" are and more!  Read all about what this rising star had to say in this interview.........
Dimez on Deck:  How are you doing Rhyme Scheme?
Rhyme Scheme:  I'm good. I'm blessed to be here.  First, I would like to thank you for this interview.

Dimez on Deck: What would you like to say about your new single "Four Letters"?
Rhyme Scheme:  "Four Letters" expresses the reality of  L.O.V.E. The single is gaining a lot of attention due to its realness.  Even as the writer, the song grabs my attention instantly.  I would like for everyone to listen to the song.

Dimez on Deck:  Who would you say are some of the most attractive women in music and entertainment right now?
Rhyme Scheme:  There are tons but I can name a few.  Lisa Raye, Kelly Rowland, Lauren London, and Nikki Jean.

Lisa Raye McCoy

Kelly Rowland

Lauren London

Nikki Jean

Dimez on Deck:  Who are some of the women you had crushes on growing up?
Rhyme Scheme:  "Vanity" from the movie "The last dragon" and Jennifer Lopez.

Dimez on Deck:  In your opinion what is "sexy" to you?
Rhyme Scheme:  Sexy is when a woman can be natural, while showing their inner and outer beauty.  Women like Lauren London and Nikki Jean are just naturally sexy.

Dimez on Deck:  What are your plans for your music for the rest of the Summer?
Rhyme Scheme:  This summer I plan to drop a few more singles, videos, and perform all over the country.

Listen to Rhyme Scheme's single "Four Letters" at the embedded link below.

Get more information on Rhyme Scheme at this
official web page at

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Ear Candy Single: Mono Bagends talks about his new single "You Drive Me Crazy" featuring Mela Bela

Mono Bagends catches up with Dimez on Deck to talk about his latest single "You Drive Me Crazy" featuring Mela Bela!

Dimez:  What has Mono Bagends been up to lately?
Mono Bagends:  Grinding...every day presents new challenges and obstacles.

Dimez:  You have a new single called "You Drive Me Crazy", what would you like to say about this single
for those that haven't heard it yet?
Mono Bagends:  It's a fun fast paced dance record, It deals with a bad relationship and the things couples do to get under each other's skin. Mela Bela sings the hook.

Dimez:  Do you plan to shoot a video for this single?
Mono Bagends:  Maybe....I have another record that is right there with it...

Dimez:  So what celebrities beauty "Drive You Crazy" right now?
Mono Bagends:  The chick from Game of Thrones....Emilia Clarke...I thought she was sexy on the show then I saw her with her real hair and my eyes almost popped out of my head.


Dimez:  What else would you like to say?
Mono Bagends:  Thanks for the interview. To all my fans stay positive and put God first and all your dreams will come true.

See more of Mono Bagends and his music at

Mono Bagends "You Drive Me Crazy"

See more of Emilia Clarke below

Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones looking hot!

Emilia Clarke is hot in this scene.

Emilia Clark making Eyes popping out of heads across the globe!

Emilia Clarke not pictured with Seth MacFarlane

Emilia Clarke is certainly a Dime!