Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ear Candy: Interview with Rising Hip Hop artist Coach Real

Dimez on Deck talks with rising New York based recording artist Coach Real.  Also take a listen to this Ear Candy by Coach Real

Dimez on Deck:  How has everything been for you this year so far Coach Real?
Coach Real:  Everything is going very well its going to be a very productive year for my company.

Dimez on Deck:  For those that haven't heard you, how would you sum up your music and your style?
Coach Real:  I would say I make real life music for your everyday person and people say I remind them of Big Pun and Jay-Z.

Dimez on Deck:  In your own words, how would you describe a "dime"?
Coach Real:  To me a dime is a "Determined Intelligent Moral Extremely beautiful" woman that's my break down of a dime.

Dimez on Deck:  What is sexy to you?  What are some things that you find attractive?
Coach Real:  Confidence is very important.  I like a women that knows her ability that's sexy.  I find intelligent women very sexy, I like a women that can teach me things and expand my mind more.  A business minded women is very sexy..... we can make money and history together.  A sexually aggressive women is extremely sexy nothing better than a women that can grab you up and take charge.  I'm '6'6 so I need that.  Tattoos are sexy on a woman just not too many and in certain places.  I think it's sexy when a woman has good conversation and a sense of humor, nothing better than having someone to laugh with and I think a woman that has good fashion sense and can dress with the heels and dresses and can also throw a pair of j's or timbs on and still look sexy.

Dimez on Deck:  Who are some women you find attractive in entertainment and music right now?
Coach Real:  Let's see Lauren London, Daniella Alonso, Jamie Chung, Eva Mendes, Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldana, Sarah Shahi, Kaley Cuoco, Hale Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Barbara Mori, Roselyn Sanchez, Paz Vega, Alicia keys, Gabrielle Union, Paula Patton, Summer Walker, Noemie Lenoir, Meagan Good, Tatyana Ali, Esther Baxter, Keri Hilson, Amell Santana, Alisa Reyes, Ada cruz, Larimar Fiallo, Scarlet Reyn, Sulekia, Tahiry Jose, Rosa Acosta... that's who I could think of off the top of my head (lol).
Lauren London

Dimez on Deck:  Who were some of your crushes growing up?
Coach Real:  Stacy Dash those eyes and the body to go with it yeah I been diggin Stacy since the Mo Money movie with Damon Wayans.

Dimez on Deck:  What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Coach Real:  Work on my debut album should be dropping this summer and I'm writing all the video treatments for every single then the Gorilla Gang EP for the spring.  We're working on the Coach Real movie right now so look out for that next year.  I also started working on a book so that will be out hopefully by the fall and I'm working on a Women's shoe line as well and one of my biggest goals is to expand my team and roster I'm looking for artist to put down on my label and I am in search of a female rapper to put as first lady of the team so I got a lot going on and more to come it will be a very successful year for my company that I promise you. 

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