Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ear Candy Spotlight: Some Kosher Yuppy (South Coast Records)

Take a look at our one on one Dimez on Deck interview with rising indie hip hop recording artist Some Kosher Yuppy (South Coast Records)!  

Dimez On Deck:  How has your fall been this year Some Kosher Yuppy?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Its been productive.  Recording new music for this " No Days Off " Project...

Dimez On Deck:  Could you explain to our viewers why you call yourself Some Kosher Yuppy?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  It defines me as an artist/Individual… I'm young & authentic living an ambitious Lifestyle…

Dimez On Deck:  How would you describe a "Dime"?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  When she's highly attractive on all levels… The ones that naturally carry themselves like 10's…

Dimez On Deck:  In your opinion, who would you say are some of the most attractive women in Entertainment and music right now?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  I would say women like Rihanna, Meagan Good, Lauren London…
Rihanna in the water.

Meagan Good is "All Good"

Lauren London looking nice as usual in this picture.

Dimez On Deck:  Who were some of your crushes in Entertainment and Music growing up?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  JLo, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendez, Beyonce...
Eve Mendez looking quite peachy in this picture.

Dimez On Deck:  What is something that you find attractive?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Confidence is something I find attractive in females...

Dimez On Deck:  You have a hot new single and music video out right now called "In Due Time" could you tell the viewers a little something about this single?
Some Kosher Yuppy:  Yea, "In Due Time" is a record that I feel everyone can relate too no matter the situation… The production automatically grabs your attention and puts you in a certain vibe, then the vocals & content compliment it all… The Visual is real 1 on 1 and laid back… Its a real positive & honest song…

Dimez On Deck:  Are there any links you would like to plug?
Anything and everything regarding Yuppy & SouthCoastRecords can be found on &

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