Monday, March 24, 2014

Ear Candy Spotlight: Mono Bagends (March Feature)

Mono Bagends is BACK and blazing up the internet with a hot and sexy new single titled "Get Sexy For Me" and it is certainly Ear Candy!  Mono Bagends stops by and talks to us about his new single and more!

Dimez on Deck:  What has Mono Bagends been up to sense the last time we've checked with you?
Mono Bagends:  Been grinding and trying to figure out my life.

Dimez on Deck:  You have a new single out called "Get Sexy For Me" and it certainly is "ear candy", how would you describe this single for our viewers?
Mono Bagends:  Its a sexy type of R&B/rap record. Very good for radio and good to get intimate with.

Dimez on Deck:  Where can listeners hear this single?
Mono Bagends:  On my website , reverbnation and it will be up on itunes shortly.

Dimez on Deck:  What does a woman have to do to "Get Sexy For You"?
Mono Bagends:  She needs to interest me mentally. I get turned on by the way someone flirts...I am extremely quick thinking so I like someone who can go up and back with me.

Dimez on Deck:  What is sexy to you?
Mono Bagends: like someone who is secure in themselves.  I love women who aren't afraid to act silly and be themselves.

Dimez on Deck:  Who are some women that you find sexy in 2014?
Mono Bagends:  I have been so busy this year I really haven't had time to check out anyone. I can't really think of any celebrities that I find attractive right now.

Dimez on Deck:  What's next for Mono Bagends?
Mono Bagends:  Going to keep releasing new music, live day by day and see what happens.

Listen to more music from Mono Bagends at 

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