Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dimez Spotlight: Shawna Michelle (Part One)

Today's Dimez on Deck photo spotlight is on former video model and Southern Belle, Shawna Michelle!

Before you do.... take a listen to the hot new single from ATL based rapper/ songwriter/ producer Mr. Boom Boom Bang titled "Good Ones" by clicking the embedded youtube video here

Now check out these hot photos starring the one and only Shawna Michelle!

Shawna Michelle looking good enough to eat (food off of)!

Shawna Michelle looking sexy on the bed with her matching undergarments.

Shawna Michelle looking great from head to legs!

Shawna Michelle getting that green in ATL, wearing that green dress!  Mr. Boom Boom Bang is also getting that green in ATL!  Check out his music at

Shawna Michelle holding on!

Shawna Michelle still getting green in her green dress.

Shawna Michelle holding up a fan sign!

Shawna Michelle sucking and licking...... on a lolly pop.

Shawna Michelle looking back, and we are looking forward at Shawna Michelle's back!

Shawna Michelle looking back again!

More images of the beautiful 
Shawna Michelle coming soon!!!!

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